Exhibition / Installation Photography

For most people their primary experience of a show will be through its documentation.
I enjoy working with gallerists, curators, and artists to photograph exhibitions and pride myself on strong working relationships, exacting standards in the understanding and documentation of work, and the development of a visual aesthetic that shows both work and space to their full potential.

I am actively engaged in the contemporary art scene and am interested in building on-going creative relationships therein, for examples of my work please take a look through the projects within Selected Commissions, and if you are interested in discussing a project please get in touch, I am always happy to talk.


Studio Documentation / Artwork Photography

A specialist service for the production of high-resolution, archival quality images of artworks.

For the majority of artists’ works it is impractical for them to packed and transported off-site to be photographed. With this in mind I have developed a portable studio setup that allows me to come to your studio and photograph your artworks in-situ while maintaining a controlled lighting environment to give consistent exposure and colour balance across the images.

I see a documentation session as being very much a collaborative process and this is reflected in how I like to work; all images are captured straight to a laptop so that they can be immediately reviewed together and any adjustments made in real-time with the artwork in front of us as reference. This can range from adjusting the overall colour balance and buy cialis super active online exposure of the image as a whole right down to isolating and adjusting to specific hues or textures to ensure the most faithful representation of the work as possible. Further post-production work is then performed from my studio and the finished images are supplied in a variety of both high-resolution and web-ready formats.

Click here to view some examples of studio-based documentation work; if you would like to know more or are interesting in booking a session please get in touch.


Workflow & Colour Management

Whatever I am working on colour accuracy is at the heart of what I do. For the majority of work this means getting accurate colour on-screen, however for print work I can also offer end-to-end colour management and profiling, and am happy to work with designers and printers to produce high-resolution print-ready files to ensure the best possible printed output.


Creative Retouching

Over 15 years of high-end retouching experience for the art and luxury sectors. Please contact me if you have a project in mind.