Studio Documentation

A specialist service for the production of high-resolution, archival quality images of artworks.

For the majority of artists’ works it is impractical for them to packed and transported off-site to be photographed. With this in mind I have developed a portable studio setup that allows me to come to your studio and photograph your artworks in-situ while maintaining a controlled lighting environment to give consistent exposure and colour balance across the images.

I see a documentation session as being very much a collaborative process and this is reflected in how I like to work; all images are captured straight to a laptop so that they can be immediately reviewed together and any adjustments made in real-time with the artwork in front of us as reference. This can range from adjusting the overall colour balance and exposure of the image as a whole right down to isolating and generic viagra online adjusting to specific hues or textures to ensure the most faithful representation of the work as possible. Further post-production work is then performed from my studio and the finished images are supplied in a variety of both high-resolution and web-ready formats.

If you have further questions or are interesting in booking a session please get in touch.


Featured artists:

Nadine Mahoney
Magda Blasinska
Ernesto Canovas
Jesse Darling and Takeshi Shiomitsu
Foster and Berean