Daniel Pasteiner – Compound

“«Enter Compound» reads the sign, and through the gallery entrance a small aperture opens up into a black glass enclosure, a walled array of solar panels, in two concentric rings, between them a rectilinear path perambulates around a glossy black core. The panels modular form, and hi-tech silver pinstripe, generates semi-transparent moirées of refraction gleaming on the glass and steel. The space is dark, gradually our eyes adjust to the low level illumination. The ambience is punctuated by the churning of a motorized search light, which spins through a series of rotations like a machine in a world of its own. Some of the panels are sprayed with alpha waves pulsing along the walls, Matisse like, others signed in the scrambled imbroglio of a street artists’ name tag. Two dummy CCTV cameras hint at a tacit surveillance.”