Self-Similar – Damien Roach / Simon Martin / Daniel Silver / Toby Zielger / Yonatan Vinitsky


An artwork can be interpreted at the same time in a wide number of different ways; as religious, economic, as aesthetic. The process I am interested in is one that moves rapidly between an artwork’s production and its interpretation. Too rapid to see. It is more evocative, the simultaneous feeling of happiness and regret, say. Evocations that carry with them their own countenance. So that an artwork might appear both paranoid and spiritual, warmly familiar whilst being disturbingly new. The artworks here have the ability to stimulate such a situation, evoking a sense of space or time occupied but from somewhere else, of stories and pictures revisited but original and authentic in their experience. They offer an alternative relationship to the present, through a reflexive, continuously interpreted, relationship to the past. For this exhibition the work of five London based artists raises questions that cloud the relationship between an aesthetic and its history, between an origin, the just past and the very present.